Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Butterfly!

Hello Lovely People,

I hope all is well with you! If you've become one of my biggest supporters or have always supported me along my writing journey I have news for you! My store The Butterfly is the one stop shop for all things related to my books, favorite phrases, and all things writerly! You will be able to buy book themed merch, you will be able to buy merch that have favorite my phases  that is so me on them, you will be able to buy holiday merch as well. As soon as I get an illustrator you will be able to buy character merch as with all your favorite characters from my books in them!

The Butterfly

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The Authorpreneur Butterfly!

Hello Lovely People,

I'd like to apologize! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting in awhile! I was debating weather to continue posting and deciding what topic of my post should be about since I will be starting my 'Rising With Raquelle' vlog episodes on YouTube soon. In  other news I have the Authorpreneur Butterfly!

I created the Authorpreneur Butterfly with the aim of helping authors, like yourself, to get you and your books to where you want them to be and start treating writing books as a business and career, so that if you want to be a fulltime author you can have a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and manageable. My hope is that through my online services, you will come to find that you, too, can curate a beautiful life. It all starts with you seeing writing books as a dream career and a business, not a hobby that feels like an obligation. And I want to help you reach your full potential as a writer! 

You can spread your wings and fly as a writer! You Must Always Believe You Can!
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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Select That Book: Selection Book Tag!

Hi Lovely People,

Happy Saturday! It's 2019: The Year Of The Yes And Success! Saying yes to those beautiful dreams and no to naysayers! I apologize for not writing as frequently but I have been busy working and working on my WIPs among other things. I have some things in the works. Soon I will starting my own vlogs. I have already launched Artistry Haven Publishing Magazine. I am looking for authors for the February and March issue. Not too long ago Kim Chance did the Book Selection tag on her vlog. I love book tags so I decided to do this one.

I hope you enjoy. 😊



1. How do you decide what you are going to read next? Do you pick
what's trending? Read in a specific genre? Or is it random? 

  • Depends on my mood and sometimes random.

2. How important is the cover? Do you judge a book by its cover?

  • The Cover Is Important. Alot Of The Times I Do.

3. Do you read hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks, or listen to

  • I read hardcover, paperback, and ebooks. I don't listen to audio books.

4. Do you prefer series or stand-alones? Why?

  • I prefer series because I get to know the characters more and I get to see the world more and the story gets better with each book usually.


5. Do you binge read or take your time reading a few chapters at a

  •  I usually binge read and sometimes I take my time.

6. Bookmarks or Dog Ear? What do you use as a bookmark?

  • I do both because I don't have alot of bookmarks. Sometimes I create handy dandy books (homemade).

7. Do you take notes in your books or is this forbidden?

  •  No.


8. How soon do you read a new book? Do you rush to another one or need some time in between?

  • It depends if I am on a reading high or if I have something else to do.

9. Do you write reviews for the books you've read, including bad reviews?

  • I write reviews with LitArtistry Press, but I don't write 2 stars or below. I don't write them all the time though.

10. What's your favorite book to recommend to others?

  • Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas,  Atlantis Grail by Vera Nazarin, Blades Of Magic by Terah Eden

Tagging All Writers! Make 2019 A Successful Year! 😊 



Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Savior's Champion

Hello Fabulous People!

I hope you are all having an enchantingly blessed day! I've been taking short hiatus breaks from social media. I didn't post much of anything. I have been having financial setbacks which is delaying the release of Rise Of The Legacy. I am still writing and I will be adding to Lyrical Heart.  At the moment my current WIP is TOTL (Trials Of The Legacy) it is book 2 in the Valhalla Legacy series. I do have some writer related news though. Soon I will be adding to The Indie Way on my website. I didn't realize I could share these tips eventhough my book isn't published and my series isn't complete yet until I helped someone out just recently. I will also be updating the FAQs on my website as well, so be on the lookout!

 In Other News

It's official Jenna Moreci's adult fantasy fiction novel, The Savior's Champion is now available! So to celebrate TSC's debut I decided to do the TSC book tag created by author and YouTuber, Dahlia Burroughs♤!

 1. SP Love: Show some love for a self-published author. 
  • Jenna Moreci is a fellow indie author that I admire and respect. I enjoy her sci-fi book, Eve: The Awakening. She's one of the few authors I can say I actually like more than one series by them. I can't wait to read her next action pack book full of comedy, bloodshed, and romance.

2. Fantasy Love: Show some love for a fantasy novel/series that influenced/impacted you. 

  • Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series is by far my favorite to-date. Every since I stumble upon the series at the Emily Fowler Public Library while attending TWU in Denton I fell in love with the series. Another series is Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas my top two favorite fantasy series. Outside of a minor character in a book I read these two series probably had the most influence over my inspiration for the Immortal series. Although the original inspiration for the Immortal series is a minor fae character in a story I read.

3. True Love: A book with healthy relationships.

  • Pheobe and Griffin (Oh. My. Gods series by Tera Lynn Childs)

4. Representation: A book with all the diversity. 

  • Gracling by Kristin Cashore

5. Tobias: A book with a gentle warrior.

  • Gwen Lark - Qualify: The Atlantis Grail Book 1 by Vera Nazarian

6. Deadly Beast: A monster of a character.

  • King Leck (Immiker) in Gracling by Kristin Cashore 

7. Peaches: A book with hella symbology.

  • Angelbound, Angelbound Book 1 by Christina Bauer

8. Brutal Battles: A book with the best fight scenes.

 I chose two books πŸ˜‰

  • Spider's Bite: Elemental Assassin Book 1 by Jennifer Estep and Throne Of Glass: Throne of Glass Book 1 by Sarah J Maas.

9. Not What It Seems: Crazy plot twist.

10. Self Love: Talk about your book/WIP

  • WIP: VL2: Trials Of The Legacy: The Chosen Born are united, but it came at a cost. They must overcome the trials that lie ahead before the coming war. The Key of Fate that the Millennium Force is after has disappeared from the school's library. Now it's a race against time to retrieve it to prevent their enemy from doing the unthinkable and return what was lost, but in doing so it may just cost them their lives or another's. 

 Congrats Jenna on TSC's debut!! I wish TSC a huge success!! 

I am tagging ALL Writers!!😊

Happy Writing!😊

TTYF XoXo, πŸ’œR

Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day Tag!!

Hello Lovely People,

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Friday afternoon!!😊 I have a lot going on. I do plan to deliver updates as they arrive. I know I haven't done the quarterly goals post for this quarter. I will not be doing quarterly blogs  anymore atleast not for awhile. In other news...in the spirit of light hearted fun and Valentine's Day I decided to  do the V-Day Tag. I think Valentine's Day is a bit cheesy and love should be expressed everyday of the year, but I love the chocolates, teddy bears, and other cutesy themed stuff of that day though😊. I know V-Day was over two days ago, but I still think it's fun and I like tags. Jenna Moreci (author of Eve: The Awakening and The Savior's Champion) one of the authors I admire and respect participated in this on her vlog it how I found about it. The V-Day Tag  was created by Bree Barton (author of Heart of Thorns).

Although I am not currently writing ROTL (Rise of the Legacy), I am working on the final edits from my editor for ROTL so it is a WIP until it is published but the current WIP I am actually in the process of writing is the sequel TOTL (Trials of the Legacy). So in this tag I used  Cymone and Helia which are characters being introduced in VL2: TOTL.

1. Which character does something epic for another character on Valentine's Day, only to have it go epically wrong?

  • Helia would and most likely give it to Sasha sense he ends up having a secret crush on her (spoiler alert)**.

2. Nine million people buy their pets a gift for Valentine's Day. Which of your characters does this, and what's the gift?

  • Sasha - Horse treats for Belle
  • Yasmine - Tortoise treats for Merlin
  • Jayne - Bluejay treats and a new cage for Windy
  • Alyssa - Chameleon treats for Ember

3. Which character is celebrating Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) and how do they celebrate?

  • Cymone by hitting up clubs in the Twilight Realm and snagging a hawt single guy.

4. In 1537, King Henry the Eighth declared February 14th the official holiday of St. Valentine . . . the same King Henry who beheaded two of his six wives. Which character decides to murder someone on February 14th? 

  • Eleanor Vanhorn Crowling

5. Which character writes and performs a sappy love song for their crush?

  • Devlin for Jayne

6. Fill in the blanks: I saw _Toby/(Tobias)__  give a box of __Wild  truffles __ spiked with aphrodisiacs to ___Cymone___ , which made them wildly _Seductive_.

7. Every February, the Italian city of Verona receives approximately 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet. Which character writes a love letter to someone who does not exist, and what does it say?

  • Avery (Chronus McAvoy) to his dead wife (killed in last war). Dearest Madeline, I know that you are gone, but it was not in vain Erisian will rise again and will succeed. Sorry you had to die at the hands of a friend turned enemy she paid dearly my beloved - Chronus.

8. Which character breaks up with their significant other on Valentine's Day by text message (or an equally awful way if there are no texts in your world)?

  • Yvonne aka the 'Love Vixen' would probably do it if he pissed her off enough and she was fed up.

9. In Finland, Valentine's Day isn't romantic-it's called YstΓ€vΓ€npΓ€ivΓ€, or "Friend's Day." Which character celebrates Friend's Day by playing a massive prank?

  • Cymone

10. One of your characters consumes too much chocolate and champagne and gets sick all over the love of their life. Which character is it?

  • Jayne
I hope you enjoy!!!

I am tagging ALL Writers!!! 




Saturday, December 23, 2017

Who Made The Naughty List 2017?

Hello Lovely People,

I am sorry I have not been posting regularly I have been dealing with a lot of personal stuff. I will be posting reguarly again shortly with some surprising announcements!! Until then I hope you enjoy this amazing writing tag created by Jenna Moreci, that I decided to participate in again this year.πŸ˜ƒ



1) Provide a brief description of your novel before beginning. NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES.

2) If your cast is fewer than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than twice. If your cast is larger than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than once.


Rise Of The Legacy:
The Five Chosen Born. 
They inherited a destiny they did not want. A legacy of power that was sealed away from them.
Now they embark on a journey of self-discovery.
A war is coming and the fate of the world is resting on their shoulders. 
The enemies of their ancestor’s past is back and stronger than ever. 
A life of normalcy hangs in the balance.
In a world fated for destruction will they choose the world or themselves?


#1 Which character is SO into the holidays, they nearly cause a street-wide power outage from all their Christmas lights?

  • LaVera (Sasha's mom)

#2 Which character attends the office new years party with ONE date…and goes home with someone else?

  • Cimone (sorry not book 1, but is in the series. She's in Book 2, I enjoyed creating her.) 

#3 Which character is more than happy to steal Hanukkah gelt from poor, unsuspecting children? [Note: Hanukkah gelt = chocolate coins]

  • Sebastian Finnley Crow (Erisian and Eleanor's son) 

#4 Fill in the blanks: I saw ____Henrietta Ballentine___ doing a whole lot more than ____flirting____-ing with Santa Claus. They were full on ____lip locking__.

#5 One of your characters decides to pregame before church and passes out in the middle of the Christmas service. Which character is it?

  •  Sue Ellis (barista  at cafe at VPS)

#6 Which character hasn’t been seen since winter began because they refuse to deal with the snow?
  • Eleanor Vanhorn Crow ( Erisian's wife and Sebastian's mom)

#7 Which character completely forgot about the holidays and ends up regifting to everyone?
  • Forestor Keegan (archery coach at VPS)

#8 Which character has such crappy luck, they only discover their potato allergy after pigging out on latkes?
  •  Flora Marigold liaison at Whisperpoint Meadows for VPS.

#9 The Krampus has arrived to punish your very bad characters. Which character is kinda into it?

  • Anna Sofia (counselor/advisor at VPS)

#10 One of your characters should be on the naughty list, but has convinced Santa to clear their name. Which character is it, and what was their means of persuasion?

  • Sasha, made sure Santa's reindeer was well fed and gave his elves Christmas coats. 

Happy Holidays!πŸ€—πŸ˜„
See you 2018!

Friday, October 20, 2017

28 Birthday Candles!πŸ’–πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚

Hello Lovely People,

I hope all is well this lovely Fridayit my 28th Birthday! So I wanted you to get know me a bit more in 28 candles(facts)! I hope you are kicking your weekends off to a great start! Stay bless and keep going after your dreams. I hope you enjoy getting to know me better through these 28 candles!

πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚ 28 Candles!πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚

πŸŽ‚  My favorite food is Mexican food and Italian food.
πŸŽ‚  My favorite animals are dolphins and horses.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite city in the world is Paris, France.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite candy is chocolate.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite desserts are cupcakes, red velvet cake, Italian cream cheese cake,  chocolate covered       strawberries, caramel apples w/ nuts, and ice cream.
πŸŽ‚ Eventhough I love caramel apples with nuts I don't like apples well technically the skin part.
πŸŽ‚ I love the Olympics: skating, gymnastics, swimming/diving, and track.
πŸŽ‚ I recently come to like the sport hockey.
πŸŽ‚ I don't like watch football or basketball unless it's in a movie.
πŸŽ‚ I have only 1 sibling that is 6 years younger than me and he's my brother.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite color is purple.
πŸŽ‚ I love dc and marvel comics and the tv shows that's on the CW.
πŸŽ‚ I love reading manga and watching anime.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite manga is Skip Beat, Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars), Fly High, Gakuen Alice,             Heart, Black Clover, The Prince's Cactus, Midnight Secretary, Provence, and The One.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite anime is Sailor Moon, Card Captors, Yumeiro Pastissiere, Black Clover, Pretty Cure         series, Glass Mask, Angelic Layer, Saint Seiya Omega, and Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream series.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite color is spiceberry purple.
πŸŽ‚ When I was younger my favorite colors was red, black, and white.
πŸŽ‚ I hate soft pink color, but not hot pink.
πŸŽ‚ I hate green beans.
πŸŽ‚ I don't like corn on the cob.
πŸŽ‚ I don't like sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie. 
πŸŽ‚ I taught myself how to ride a bike when I was a kid.
πŸŽ‚ I am shy person until I get to know people.
πŸŽ‚ My favorite flowers are purple and white lilies and cherry blossoms.
πŸŽ‚ I love dancing, but not in front of people. I enjoy it as an exercise.
πŸŽ‚ Some of my favorite food: I love fajitas, tacos, tostadas, pizza, pancakes, lasagna, ravioli, fried chicken tenders/chicken, poppers, fries, enchiladas, fried fish, bacon cheese burgers, wraps/sandwiches, banana nut cereal/captain crunch krave, BBQ, and nachos.
πŸŽ‚ I only like waffles with fried chicken.
πŸŽ‚ I love drawing and painting and its what I mostly did in high school outside of writing and acting.